Saturday, August 16, 2008

Conferences, Conferences

by Richard Vowles

So I have been trying to help organise our (Developers Inc Ltd's) participation in a couple of conferences in the last little while, but I really am simply not an organisation kind of person.

Developers Inc Ltd are going to be at two conferences coming up - TechEd 2008 (Microsoft's big love-in for developers and those unfortunate souls who we call "operations"). If I spent much of my development life looking down at Microsoft developers (whether warranted or not), I surely am a snob when it comes to operations staff (even though I know some very clever ones). Anyway, back to TechEd - we have a booth, and will be giving out Coke and developer stuff that relates to what we sell in the Microsoft space (Microsoft, CodeGear, Capable Objects and JetBrains).

The next event coming up after that is September 17th - the Java Emerging Technologies Conference, which is going to be less of a conference than a group of people who have lots of Java related tech to talk about getting together in one place and gabbing. I have had difficulty getting speakers (the speakers/sponsors is the chicken egg situation - we can get international speakers, but we have to have the money, can't get the money unless we have a decent number of attendees who would be attracted by speakers). So now I will possibly be speaking a number of times.

And in October there should be the Delphi 2009 launches, so that along with my work with TEIQ should keep me busy!