Saturday, April 11, 2009

Changing the new grails-mail

by Richard Vowles

So now that I have set up repositories on github and forked them, I am moving my changes into github for others to use. To ensure they are robust though, they need to have testing - and that is usually pretty difficult for SMTP based email servers - but I have come across a library called dumbster that is designed specifically for unit testing of such facilities!

I'll be creating tests for all of my own functionality as well as migrating the tests for Marc and Greame's tests and start to knock off all the defects that are in the repo for the plugin.

I have a post coming up that has detailed the method that I use for using the pageProperty tag in Grails, but I can't get MarsEdit to change my < symbols for me so I can paste XML/HTML into this document. It is extremely annoying! I might write a Griffon app just to try it out.

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