Monday, May 11, 2009 and deployment fun

by Richard Vowles

So I use for deployment of my Grails applications. The development account was great, fantastic to deploy to and try out your application. I didn't realize this transformed (database and all) into your deployed site otherwise I would have held it in dev mode until the customer had set up all their data, but then I wouldn't have discovered some other problems... Like that since you get two app servers, and it load balances, it serializes session state (how often, I don't know). But as I use the Acegi plugin for Grails, it generally (definately in my case) creates a User object - which isn't serialized..... Which means I have been getting persistence errors all through my logs.

Of course, I thought I had solved it with just User and Role, but I forgot I embedded an Address in there as well, and it would need the treatment. Wouldn't it be great if these sites gave you a bundle you could run in a VM on your own machine to mimic their deployment so you could fix your issues before you swap from single server, single db to the full cluster of Oh well, it is a great service in any case!

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