Monday, April 25, 2016

Docker Registry and running mini-code-camps

by Richard Vowles

Most of my interest in the last six months has really been consumed by electronics - it happens each year around Christmas when I start having a bit of time to myself again. As I have now started back into the technology deep dive, having found something I'm actually interested in learning and pushing into the +Code Lounge sessions, I am hitting the same Docker problem I had before - bandwidth. I simply do not have enough bandwidth on ADSL to support even two or three people downloading Docker images.

The last time we tried it, it just wasted huge amounts of time and people were failing to pull images. This time however, there appears to be a Docker Registry project, which I am hoping will solve my problem.

My next Code Lounge is on Kubernetes and we will be using Docker, CoreOS, flanneld, etc all that stuff - hopefully to create a distributed docker cluster on people's machines. As such, I am upgrading my old Mac mini to ensure I can actually run it. The last time I tried to install Docker Machine on my Mac, it didn't have the architecture to run and kept crashing until I learnt you had to install it via HomeBrew.

I'll report back how successful I have been.

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